Group photo was taken at grand fete in 1979, say readers

Several readers contacted the Echo after seeing Michael Rose’s photograph of a group of people, including Peter and Doreen Coles and Ken Baily printed on June 14.

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Winton and Moordown Junior School prefects identified

FORMER pupil at Moordown and Winton Junior School, Pete Brown, recognised most of the prefects in John Cuff’s picture printed on July 5.

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Poole High Street shops named in photo from circa 1900

PETER Sykes of Swanage said Poole High Street picture printed on May 12 showed the following shops. On the right, at no. 69 Sharp & Son general ironmongers, suppliers of patent ‘Esse’ anthracite and coke stoves and also installed baths, lavatories and water closets.

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PICTURES: Meet the man who looked after Poole Park for more than 30 years

IN the wake of Poole Park’s successful bid for £2.7million of National Lottery money, Brian Cooper reflects on the time when he was in charge at Poole Park and the grounds in the area over 30 years ago.

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Sexuality under scrutiny in 1930s Soho

In 1934, homosexual acts between men – in public and in private – were illegal in the UK. Police surveilled a number of social spaces across London suspected of permitting what the state then considered to be ‘immoral activity’ and in August conducted a raid on a venue in Soho called the Caravan Club. Possessions such as cosmetics and personal correspondence were confiscated from attendees and later offered as evidence in court.

Vicky Iglikowski, The National Archives’ Diverse History Records Specialist, discusses the content and context of a love letter found in the Caravan on that evening, and considers the difficult position it occupies now as both an important piece of LGBT history and a document that wasn’t intended for publication.

This podcast was produced as part of a series where archivists talk about the documents they think you should know about. You can view the rest of the series here.


‘Sam, the Old Accordian Man’ by the Williams Sisters

‘Night Latch Key Blues’ by Virginia Liston

from The National Archives Podcast Series

Oscar Wilde’s trial and imprisonment – a short play

This short play explores the trial and imprisonment of Oscar Wilde. In 1895 the celebrated author and playwright was found guilty of gross indecency and sentenced to two years imprisonment, with hard labour. The words are taken directly from records held by The National Archives, particularly the petition that Wilde made to the Home Secretary seeking early release, and letters written about him to the governor of Reading Gaol.

This play was first performed as part of The National Archives;’ Victorian Crime night in October 2016 and was subsequently performed as part of ‘Museums Showoff’, ‘OUTing the Past Festival’ and a ‘Queer and the State’ event. Find out here how we brought Oscar Wilde’s words to life.

By Caroline Osborne-James

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Narrator: Lucy Fletcher
  • Oscar Wilde: Gary Thorpe
  • John Sholto Douglas (Marquess of Queensbury): Kevin Chambers
  • Lily Wilde: Fleur Soper
  • Chaplain: Liz Bryant
  • An Irishwoman: Clarissa Angus
  • More Adey: Jon Ryder-Oliver
  • from The National Archives Podcast Series
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Remembering a devastating explosion which killed three Weymouth men

WE recently saw the centenary of the Royal Navy’s worst wartime accident.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

When a man in an iron mask decided to walk round the world

THIS very intriguing photo was sent to us by Cyril Foster of Bridport.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Why these huts were so important for water meadows

HAVE you ever noticed drowners huts along the River Frome near Dorchester?

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Emergency landing in Weymouth Bay

IT’S time to enjoy another old postcard from the collection of Andy Hutchings.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

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