Yeovil Policeman kicked to death

In 1907 Evelyn Henry Villebois Burnaby published ‘Memories of Famous Trials’. One of the cases he recalls was held at the Spring Assizes at Taunton before Chief Justice Alexander Cockburn in which four poachers from Yeovil, Somerset were alledged to have kicked to death local policeman Nathaniel Cox.

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Security Service document release talk

From astrologers to oil barons:  In this podcast from The National Archives Podcast Series, Professor Christopher Andrew, Official Historian for the Security Service talks about espionage and tracking enemy agents.

End of an Era at Butler and Tanner.

Nearly 300 workers at Butler and Tanner, printers in Frome, Somerset have been told they have been made “redundant with immediate effect”. Parent company Media & Print Investments Plc (MPI) said the union’s failure to resolve working practices meant finances had been withdrawn. Butler and Tanner was aquired by Media & Print Investments less than a year ago in August 2007.

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The blizzard that buried Dorset

The blizzards of February 1978 were the last time that Dorset was completely paralysed by the weather. This month is the thirtieth anniversary of that event, and Dorset weather historian Mark Ching recounts his memories of the blizzard in an article in the Dorset Life Magazine.

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Watch the Birdie and Say Cheese

In this podcast from The National Archives Podcast Series, conservator Stephen Harwood looks at the invention and development of photography, describing all the major photographic processes and explaining how anyone can identify different photographic types from the earliest photogenic experiments to today’s sophisticated gelatine-silver prints.

The Family Estate that Created a Village

The Bristol Evening Post has recently published a short article on the history of the Somerset village of Kilmersdon, which apparently is the Saxon for Cynemaer’s hill.

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The Dorset Flag

A new flag for Dorset could soon be seen flying. An upsurge in support for the counties own flag has seen articles published in the Dorset Echo, the Bournemouth Echo and on local radio station WessexFM .

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Research and Collections

In this podcast from The National Archives Podcast Series, Caroline Williams describes how the new Research and Collections Development department is contributing to The National Archives’ research, collections and academic agenda, and how it will benefit internal and external stakeholders.

Captain’s Jolliffe and Thompson of Poole

At the end of the seventeenth century, in the reign of William and Mary,  French privateers were the scourge of the English Channel. In his book, ‘The history of the town and county of Poole’, published in 1839, John Sydenham describes the actions of two local seamen against them,

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John Tregonwell Napier, Rector of Chettle

In 1820 an obituary for the Rev. John Tregonwell Lewis Napier. The hunting, shooting and fishing Rector of Chettle, Dorset, England was published in Volume 5 of the Sporting Magazine.

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