When Bob Geldof congratulated fundraisers for Band Aid effort

THIRTY years ago this month, the man on his way from pop stardom to modern-day sainthood paused to congratulate local charity fundraisers.

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GALLERY: Winter Gardens through the years: from popular concert venue to car park

THIRTEEN years after the house lights went out for the last time at Bournemouth’s Winter Gardens, it still looms large in people’s memories.

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Writer of the month: My history – Antonia Fraser

Antonia Fraser’s memoir describes growing up in the 1930s and 1940s but its real concern is with her growing love of History. The fascination began as a child – and developed into an enduring passion; as she writes, ‘for me, the study of History has always been an essential part of the enjoyment of life’.

Antonia Fraser is the prize-winning author of many widely acclaimed historical works which have been international bestsellers. She was made DBE in 2011 for services to literature.

This podcast was recorded live at our January 2015 ‘Writer of the month’ event.

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Department store’s long history

THE story of Beales began when Bournemouth was a Victorian boomtown – and it has been bound up with the wider history of the resort ever since.

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The huns have got my gramophone: advertisements from the Great War

In the nineteenth century, Britain led the world in the production of illustrated books and magazines. By the 1890s, commercial artists often drew for both magazine publishers and advertisers, which gave a continuity of style. Some well-known 21st century brands were already spending heavily on advertising in the 1900s; they understood the value of advertising. And when war broke out in 1914, companies were quick to seize the opportunities which the war offered. They searched for new markets to replace their lost German trade, and invented new products. This talk outlines how the First World War changed the face of advertising.

Amanda-Jane Doran was the archivist at Punch magazine for 13 years. She is an expert in 19th century illustrated books and magazines, and she curated the exhibition Charles Stewart: Black and White Gothic, at the Royal Academy.

Andrew McCarthy directed the documentary film Toys For The Boys, which told the story of how Hew Kennedy built a full-size working replica of a medieval trebuchet (siege machine).

Andrew and Amanda co-wrote The huns have got my gramophone: Advertisements from The Great War (Bodleian Library, 2014).

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Harry Redknapp: Football boss reflects on his long career and family life in Dorset

FOR more than 40 years, whatever football clubs he has been involved with, Harry Redknapp has been connected with the Bournemouth area.

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Wallisdown United team identified from photo taken in the ’50s

DENNIS Froud of Bournemouth contacted the Echo after seeing Barry Kerslake’s picture of Wallisdown Lads Football team printed on December 3.

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AFC Bournemouth youth team from 1976 are identified

ANDY Marsh, who was in the reserve team under John Bond, identified the man on the far right of the AFC Bournemouth youth team picture printed several times in the Echo last year, as the well respected late John Kirk, Cherries trainer and physio for many years.

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GALLERY: Secret D-Day documents found under the floorboards of New Forest hotel

SECRET documents relating to the D-Day landings have been found at a New Forest hotel – 70 years after they were left behind by army chiefs.

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The day Swanage pilot took dream shot of Concorde in flight

ROBERT Owen of Swanage contacted the Echo after seeing the article on Concorde’s visit to Bournemouth Airport printed on November 26.

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