Encounters with the wild man of the wood

AS AUTUMN thins the leaves of the oak trees and hazel coppices of Yellowham Woods, the ancient woodland adjacent to Puddletown Forest, just outside of Dorchester, this could very well be the best time of year to spot what purports to be Dorset’s answer to Bigfoot!

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/2ghx6tY


Remembering whistleblower Stanley Adams – ‘a proud man’ who stood up for his beliefs

OUR article on whistleblower Stanley Adams has generated a lot of interest.

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IN PICTURES: Archive images of net making in Bridport

A COLLECTION of rare and previously unseen historical footage of coastal life in the South West of England has been made available on BFI Player as part of British Film Institute’s Britain on Film: Coast and Sea national project.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/2geScZI

When the Duke of York opened the town bridge

AFTER our Weymouth Town Bridge special in last week’s Looking Back, here’s another photo from the opening of the bridge in 1930.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/2gfVGeN

Ann Sidney at the Palace Court Theatre in 1966

The 600-seat Palace Court Theatre on Hinton Road in Bournemouth was built by the Bournemouth Little Theatre Company, the town’s oldest amateur dramatic society. In its more recent history it has been the Galaxy Cinema and then the Wessex Christian Centre.

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PICTURES: How the Great Storm of 1987 devastated Dorset

IT was a devastating weather event that came without warning, costing 18 lives in the UK and felling 15million trees.

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When Royalty came to town to declare bridge open

OVER the summer we enjoyed a nostalgic look at a Weymouth structure we are all very familiar with – the town bridge.

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Whatever happened to whistleblower?

DOES anyone know what happened to Stanley Adams, who blew the whistle on Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1970s?

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/2wJFNn7

When a crab ‘transformed’ into a terrifying monster

IF you’d been passing through the village of Shapwick on October 12, 1706, which that year fell on a Tuesday, then you might have come upon the strangest of scenes – an old man in a wheelbarrow, surrounded by frightened locals brandishing pitchforks and sticks, in a confrontation with – a crab!

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/2y6ZzKQ

‘It was a golden era’: Memories of Bournemouth’s Jewish hotel the East Cliff Court

FOR several generations, Bournemouth was the fashionable place for British Jews to go on holiday.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/2fJ5Ow6

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