When Sir Winston Churchill received special honour from Poole

POOLE had to wait eight years before it could present Winston Churchill with the honour it voted to give him after the war.

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Remembering Sir Winston Churchill: iconic prime minister who led the country to victory

WINSTON Churchill was already of pensionable age when he became the leader of his country at the darkest time in its history.

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Winston Churchill 50th anniversary: how we mourned “passing of a warrior”

THE news was not unexpected, yet it brought sadness to the nation.

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Sinking of the Leopoldville

THANKS to Bridport historian Jane Ferentzi-Sheppard for sending us a reminder of the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the Leopoldville – it is a story dear to her heart as her father was in the US 66th Infantry Division involved.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/1JzTZje

Writer of the month: The Spanish ambassador’s suitcase

Matthew Parris and Andrew Bryson discuss their new book, The Spanish ambassador’s suitcase.

Matthew Parris worked for the Foreign Office and the Conservative Research Department before serving as MP for West Derbyshire. He joined The Times as parliamentary sketchwriter in 1988, a post he held for 13 years, and he now writes as a columnist for the paper. He broadcasts for radio and television, and presents the biographical programme Great Lives on BBC Radio 4. He is also a regular columnist for The Spectator.

Andrew Bryson is a radio journalist working in the BBC’s Business and Economics Unit. He frequently produces Radio 4′s Today programme and programmes for Radio 5 Live.

This podcast was recorded live as part of the Writer of the month series, which broadens awareness of historical records and their uses for writers. We apologise for any intermittent reduction in sound quality.

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GALLERY: 33 pictures of Dorset’s most extreme weather from years gone by

SNOW, floods and heatwaves. Dorset has seen its fair share of extreme weather in the past.

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Remembered: the two sisters who lost their lives in the River Stour tragedy of 1908

JANUARY’S cold, wet weather has always been unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Over a hundred years ago when communication and transport systems were not as sophisticated as they are today, the possibility of loss of life was much greater.

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Unheard tales of those living with disabilities for new project

FOR many years, adults with learning disabilities were frequently uprooted from their families and sent to large hospitals which could be many miles from home.

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Woman’s bid to track down classic car moves up a gear

ON DECEMBER 30 in Looking Back we featured a woman’s bid to track down a classic car.

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What do you know about Swanage cottages shown in photo?

BRIAN Day sent in an old photograph of Swanage showing a handful of buildings, a working quarry and a wonderful open view of the harbour.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/1xELjEo

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