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The job of of stationmaster, even at a small country station in the Victorian age, was considered to be a good position. The pay was above average and usually a house went with the job. However, despite these advantages there was little to protect anybody against what nature threw at them in the days before modern medicine and living conditions.

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George Barton Parsons of Laverton (1813-1840)

The following obituary is taken from The Bengal Obituary or A Record to Perpetuate the Memory of Departed Worth, being a compilations of tablets and monumental Inscriptions from various parts of Bengal and Agra Presidencies, to which is added Biographical Sketches and Memoirs of such as have pre-eminently distinguished themselves in the History of British India since the formation of the European Settlement to the Present Time.  Published in 1851 by Holmes & Co. of Calcutta and W. Thacker & Co of London & Calcutta.

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Frome Auction 1819

The following is a notice of auction published on Monday, July 12, 1819 in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal. For sale are various propterties in Frome, Somerset following the death of one John Church Esq.

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Beckington Auction 1812

The following announcement regarding the sale by auction of several properties in Beckington appeared on Monday, August 24th, 1812  in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal.

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Lusitania a Suffragette

On Friday October 30, 1908 the RMS Lusitania arrived in New York on her regular trip from England. On this occasion however she was decorated with the colors of English Suffragettes with the words “Votes for Women” along her side. This is how the story was reported in the following days New York Times.

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Fatal Balloon Accident near Bridport

On December 10, 1881 in what must have been one of the earliest fatal air accidents in Dorset, the balloon ‘Saladin’ crashed into a field at Eypesmouth. The 1882 Edition of the Annual Register,which was a review of public events at home and abroad for the year 1881 reported the event as follows.

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Laverton Baptist Chapel 1836

The February 1837 issue of the The Baptist Magazine published by the Baptist Missionary Society reported on the opening of the new Baptist Chapel at Laverton, Somerset and the peculiar circumstances which required it.

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The Beckington Fire of 1782

The following account of the fire at Beckington on Sunday, November 3, 1782 was published on Monday, December 2, 1782 in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal.

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A-nurdling we will go!

The ancient Dorset art of nurdling made a welcome return to Upwey in Weymouth, Dorset, England for a televised display. The game  involves hurling a wooden block called a nurdle at other players.

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Edward Thomas Whitaker (1802-1877)

The following obituary appeared on March 24, 1877 in The Law Times, Volume LXII, page 378.

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