Star spotter’s celebrity sightings over the years

WE love taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about when celebrities visited the area.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Poignant image of forgotten phone box

WE’VE enjoyed a large number of Harry Green photos over the past few weeks.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

The misadventures of town’s ‘Arthur Daley character’

OUR exploration of the history of Weymouth buses continues this week, as transport historian Brian Jackson shares the story behind George Spivey and the Rambler Tours.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Mystery of disappearing statue

HERE’S a bit of a mystery we’re hoping our readers might be able to help to clear up.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Security Service file release September 2019

Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of ‘The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5’, introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in September 2019.

from The National Archives Podcast Series

Showbiz greats help pavilion make a name for itself

LET’S delve into the Herbert collection and remember when some showbiz greats graced the stage at Weymouth Pavilion.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Why this village was sold for £67,402

A SPECIAL exhibition will be held in a Dorset village next Tuesday to mark 100 years since it was put up for sale.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Memories of popular isle fair

THIS stunning wide view of Victoria Square, Portland, was taken by late Dorset Evening Echo photographer Harry Green.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

When youngsters’ tent was reduced to smouldering ashes

TURNING the clock back to the 1990s, we bring you this photo from August 1996 showing the remains of a blazing tent from which four youngsters scrambled clear of.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

Confessions of a go-karting mackerel seller

FORMER Portland resident Trefor Morgan has got in touch about the photos we recently published depicting a group of men hauling ashore a net full of fish on Chesil Cove.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back

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