Ancestry of Dorset Peasants – Napier

The following article by Charles Herbert Mayo, M.A., R.D. Vicar of Longburton with Holnest was originally published in Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset in 1903 of which he was the Dorset Editor.

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Dorset Poll Book 1831

In 1832, Weston, Simons and Sydenham of Dorchester printed and published the Poll Book for the 1831 Dorset election contested by The Right Hon. The Lord Ashley and Hon. W.F.S. Ponsonby which was held between September 30th and Otober 17th.

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Dorset Poll Book 1857

The Poll Book of the Dorset County Election of 1857 was printed and published by The Dorset County Chronicle in that year. It lists all voters qualified to vote in that election by voting district. It gives both their place of residence and qualification.

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Radicalism and Unrest

From the various corresponding societies and early trade unions of the 18th century, through the Luddite and ‘Swing’ disturbances of the 1810s and early 1830s, to the Chartists of the late 1830s-40s, people sought to improve, or at least protect, their standards of living. This podcast from the National Archives explores what did ordinary people really thought about their world and what types of records should we be looking at in order to see how they tried – and sometimes succeeded – in changing their part of it?

God’s Wonderful Railway

Find out how the development of the railways transformed the landscape of Great Britain and became the agent of enormous social change. In this podcast from the National Archives Bruno Derrick explores the early years of the Great Western Railway, from its foundation to the death of Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1859, and brings to light the vast collection of records in the custody of The National Archives.

The parish: administration and records

For hundreds of years the parish was the most important unit of local government. This talk from the National Archives podcast series covers the historical administration of the parish, its officials and their records, as well as showing you how you can use these records to trace your ancestors and find out more about their local community.

Broadmoor’s Archives Are Now Available to the Public

Broadmoor Hospital at Crowthorne in Berkshire, England has housed thousands of mental patients, including a Jack the Ripper suspect, the artist Richard Dadd, a would-be assassin of Queen Victoria, one of the contributors to the first Oxford English Dictionary, and thousands of every-day citizens. Now the hospital has opened its Victorian archives to the public for the first time, having spent the last two years listing and repairing the hospital’s records with a £200,000 grant from the Wellcome Trust.

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Treaty of Versailles

This podcast from the National Archives Voices of the Armistice series contains extracts from the Treaty of Versailles that ended the war between Germany and the Allied Powers. Original document catalogue reference: FO 93/36/76

Chinese celebrations

This podcast from the National Archives Voices of the Armistice series contains the announcement of the Armistice in China and details of celebrations and commemorations. Original document catalogue reference: CO 873/547.

Court Martial

This podcast from the National Archives Voices of the Armistice series contains the proceedings and evidence from the case of a private, shot for desertion and pardoned in 2006. Original document catalogue reference: WO 71/671.

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