Unconventional couple who made a difference in town

TODAY we take a look at a fascinating Weymouth couple who captured the imagination of people in the town with their extraordinary achievements.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2GOidyj

Town street before health and safety measures were taken

WE’VE been very much enjoying this very old picture of the Belvedere Inn in Weymouth’s High Street West.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2U9d1In

Teen life book project gaining momentum

A CAMPAIGN to get photos of teenage life in Weymouth in the 1970s published in a hardback photo collection is gaining momentum.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2GMd6Ps

Incredible snapshots of the past are going on display

SEE how people used to live in Bere Regis with a photographic exhibition.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2NtD9eF

When the Wild Mouse Ride featured in a movie

SO many of you enjoyed our look back at Chipperfields Fun Fair in Weymouth.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2IstBBR

The personal story of Holocaust survivor John Dobai

John Dobai was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1934. To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, John delivered a talk at The National Archives on 25 January 2019 about his personal story and the plight of Hungarian Jews.

from The National Archives Podcast Series https://ift.tt/2tr31yC

How this diarist documented Dorset life ‘the year the world changed’

A NEW collection of letters and diaries from 100 years ago is giving fascinating insights into life on the homefront in Dorset and in the trenches during the last year of the First World War.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back https://ift.tt/2NfaJF2

GALLERY: When Laurel and Hardy came to Bournemouth

FOR just one week, the greatest comedy double act in the history of Hollywood lived and performed in Bournemouth.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes https://ift.tt/2DUSBMj

A place of worship for fishermen and kings: The amazing history of this humble church

YOU might recognise the interior of this church featured in a postcard from years gone by.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://bit.ly/2TQYQrk

13 pictures to remind you of the devastating storms in 2014…five years on

IT’S hard to believe that five years have passed since the devastating Valentine’s Day storms that battered the Dorset coast.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://bit.ly/2BFOdR5

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