1852 New Year’s Resolutions

It is New Year’s Eve 1852 and Henry Hydenwell sits at his desk by candlelight. He dips his quill pen in ink and begins to write his New Year’s resolutions.

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Prince Charles’s flight from Worcester

After the battle of Worcester on September 3rd 1651, the future King Charles II fled from the field attempting to reach the continent of Europe. Heading south he arrived in West Dorset. Even though he was only in the county for about three days, almost every town and village has a story relating to this episode in English history.

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Hugh Massingberd (1946-2007)

For some 15 years from the late 1960’s he edited Burke’s Landed Gentry, Burke’s Royal Families of the World and Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage. Then, as obituaries editor of The Daily Telegraph from 1986 to 1994 he gave prominent coverage to the lives of aristocrats and military men. Hugh died of cancer at  the age of 60 on christmas day.

A full obituary is available at the Times Online

Understanding the Genealogy of Jesus

Some people believe  that genealogies in Matthew 1:1-16 and Luke 3:23-38 are indefensible forgeries. And that they were included to validate Jesus’ bloodlines from Abraham through David, a necessary condition for Jewish acceptance.  The following video attempts to explain how they could be true.

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Dorset’s historic happenings

Numerous incidents have happened over Christmas in South Dorset. Drunks have been thrown into the stocks, ships have sunk and villagers turfed out of their homes in years gone by.

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Thomas Pride V.C. (1835-1893)

Thomas Pride was born on March 29, 1835 at Wool, Dorset, England.  He was the son of agricultural labourer, Robert Pride and his wife Ann King.  Thomas spent his childhood around Wool where he is recorded in 1841 at Bovington and in 1851 at Bindon Lane.  Whilst his father was from Dorset it should be noted his mother, although a British Subject, was born in America.

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Season’s greetings from the trenches

A Christmas missive sent home from the Western Front in 1918 has recently been unearthed by Bob Preston of Lansdowne Square, Weymouth.  The card and other wartime memorabilia tell of the experience of his father, Herbert Preston, in France in the First World War and the enduring love of his parents.

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The Night before Christmas

Christmas BellsMerry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our readers and to get you into the Christmas mood I offer, ‘A Genealogist’s Christmas Eve’, a parody of the well known poem ‘The Night before Christmas’,   the author is unknown .

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Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978)

As a small boy, growing up, I was unaware that the two strange old ladies who lived down by the river were probably Frome Vauchurch’s most famous residents. These two old ladies were the author Sylvia Townsend Warner, (1893-1978) and her lover and poet Valentine Ackland (1906-1969) who came to the village in 1937 and stayed until their deaths.

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The Perils Of Paid Obituaries

Philomene Offen  wrote “Although my paper’s Web site maintains that letting families submit their own unedited text leaves them “in control,” I wonder if they are instead left in a lurch. Many of these accounts have made me cry — and not just from the errors.”

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