Civil registration and beyond

In this podcast from the National Archives, Audrey Collins takes civil registration as her topic and reveals some of the little-known facts and stories behind the records.

Somerset Voices: Allen Cotton

Allen Cotton talks about his life in farming from his childhood and attendance at agricultural college to running dairy farms. Although he has now handed over the management to his son, David, he is still involved in farming.

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Second World War merchant shipping records

The National Archives have announced that the movements of merchant ships during the Second World War can now be discovered at DocumentsOnline. The merchant shipping movement cards record the journeys of both British registered and Allied vessels engaged in the war effort from 1939.

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The Home Front in Wimborne

The recollections of some of those who lived through the war in Wimborne and the surrounding area have been recorded for the Priest’s House Museum and the Dorset Sound Archive. Keith Eldred has put them together into a book, from which these selections are taken.

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Somerset Voices: John Corp

John Corp was born in 1902 in Sutton near Shepton Mallet. As a child he helped his father make cider, and later became a farmer. His father employed a boy to scare birds from the corn seeds; the boy would arrive for work early in the morning, and leave in time for school.

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The Manorial Documents Register

In this podcast from the National Archives, Liz Hart, from the National Advisory Service, provides an introduction to the various types of manorial records and offers a practical guide to using the Manorial Documents Register.

The Clay Boats of Poole

Over the centuries, Poole Harbour has witnessed numerous commercial activities, of which the shipping of clay was at one time the most significant. Jan Seymour reveals the origins of this natural resource.

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Somerset Voices: Redvers Coate

In 1924 having completed some research at the National Fruit and Cider Institute in Long Ashton, near Bristol, Redvers Coate decided to start a cider-making business in Nailsea, a town in North Somerset. His father gave him eight thousand pounds to found a factory in some derelict barns.

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William Barnes and me

Hilary Townsend shares a Blackmore Vale background with the great poet

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Introducing the 1911 census

Mark Pearsall is a family history specialist at The National Archives. In this podcast from the National Archives he provides an introduction to the newly released 1911 census and tells us how invaluable it will be for family historians.

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