Writer of the Month: Richard Barnett on Crucial Interventions

In this talk medical historian Richard Barnett explores surgery during the 19th century, from the application of antisepsis to experiments with hypnosis. What happened in the early operations that used anaesthesia, and why were patients initially reluctant to agree to it?

Richard Barnett is a writer and broadcaster on the cultural history of science and medicine. He teaches on the Pembroke-Kings Programme in Cambridge, and in 2011 received one of the first Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships. His books include Medical London: City of Diseases: City of Cures, The Sick Rose (described by Will Self in the Guardian as ‘superbly lucid and erudite’) and Crucial Interventions: An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Nineteenth-Century Surgery, which was published by Thames & Hudson in cooperation with the Wellcome Collection in October 2015.

from The National Archives Podcast Series http://ift.tt/297RWMc

Bournemouth’s ‘Whistle for the Somme’ to mark 100th anniversary

One hundred years ago on July 1 at 7.30am a single whistle blast was blown, the signal for soldiers to leave their trenches and ‘go over the top’ and begin the advance into enemy territory. It was the start of the Battle of the Somme, one of the defining events of the First World War, and would last until November.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/296SSRa

Neville Heath: Murderer who brought horror to Bournemouth 70 years ago

THE prisoner accepted a double shot of whisky after walking calmly to the scaffold.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/29nBrr8

LOOKING BACK: Memories of getting hitched at St Laurence Church

THE community in Upwey have come together to recall memories made at the heart of the village in St Laurence Church.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/28XeoSf

LOOKING BACK: Woven in history – a closer look at a textile exhibition

AS part of a series to shine the light on the treasures that Bridport Museum looks after – and to encourage people to donate to their crowdfunding appeal – we have another article from its volunteers:

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/293RZGF

LOOKING BACK: Can you help Sheila find her brother?

CAN anyone help Looking Back reader Sheila Goode, nee Allcock, find her brother Graham Allcock?

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/28XeE3z

PICTURES: Remembering Hants & Dorset buses, 100 years on

THE name disappeared from buses more than 30 years ago, but the centenary of Hants & Dorset is being celebrated this summer.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/28S31wq

Picture shows what East Cliff lift used to look like

Peter Sykes of Swanage said John Stimson’s postcard of the East Cliff lift printed on May 30 was one of the first pictures to be published after the lift opened in April 1908.

from Bournemouth Echo | Echoes http://ift.tt/28MxaPb

LOOKING BACK: A royal china collection fit for a queen

A ROYAL collection of china, cups and memorabilia fit for a queen has been shared with Looking Back this week.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/28Ks1c9

LOOKING BACK: Police force stand to attention for the community

DORSET Police have been keeping our streets safe for generations.

from Dorset Echo | Looking Back http://ift.tt/28JSoLb

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