The following extract was originally published in A guide to the coasts of Hants & Dorset by Mackenzie Edward C. Walcott in 1859 and digitized by Google on March 19, 2007.

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Swanage (1889)

This article on Swanage and the surrounding area by W. Armstrong Willis first appeared in The Gentleman’s Magazine, Published by F. Jefferies in 1889.

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Riding The Rails

The Swanage Railway is almost taken for granted by people of the town and of Purbeck, but what is it actually like to drive a mighty locomotive from Swanage to Norden? Peter Frost describes such a trip.

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The Oddities of Swanage

Another extract from Charles Harper’s book ‘The Dorset Coast’published in 1905 where he describes some of the monumental oddities that have made there way to this seaside town in Dorset.

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John Mowlem (1788-1868)

John Mowlem was born at Swanage, Dorset where he was baptised on November 9, 1788 the son of John & Hannah Mowlam, and worked in the stone quarries of the Isle of Purbeck with his father and three brothers.

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Swanage, Dorset 1831

A Description of the town of Swanage, Dorset, England as described by Samuel Lewis in A Topographical Dictionary of England, Published in London in 1831. Read the rest of this entry »