Benjamin Starr Removal Order 1799

This was the second time tha Benjamin Starr had been the subject of a removal order.   The first occasion was in 1794 when William Starr his wife Mary and children Ann, Benjamin, William, John and Mary were removed from Norton Bavant to Nunney.

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Roll of Honour – World War I

PoppyThe following members of my extended tree gave their lives for their Country during the First World War.  If you are connected with or have further information on any of them I would be pleased to hear from you.

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William Starr Removal Order 1794

It would seem that in 1794 my 5th great grandparents William Starr and his second wife Mary Visey together with their five children Ann, Benjamin, William, John, and Mary found themselves destitute in the Parish of Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. The following is a transcript of the removal order issued by the local Justices of the Peace for their return to their home parish of  Nunney, Somerset, where they had been married in 1786.

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Mark Starr (1894-1985)

Mark StarrWorkers’ Educationist, Political Activist and Esperanto Advocate, Mark Starr was born on 27 April 1894 at Shoscombe, Wellow, Somerset, England the fourth of seven children of William Starr, a coal-miner, and his second wife Susanna Padfield, formerly a domestic servant. William’s first wife had been Susanna’s cousin, Mary Ann Padfield, who died in 1885, from which Mark had a half sister. From 1899 Mark attended St Julian’s National School, Shoscombe, until he left to start work in 1907. 

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Herbert Golledge’s Notebook

Between 1898 and 1942 Herbert Golledge recorded the events which occurred around the villages of Shoscombe and Single Hill in the parish of Wellow, Somerset, England.  The following is a transcript of the Notebook he used provided by Ella Drew before her death. Ella was for many years the landlady of the Apple-Tree Inn at Shoscombe.  Whilst the transcription is in page number order it would appear that this is not the order they were entered.  It would seem that he started from the back towards the front, at some point switched to the front and then continued in both directions.

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