An Uphill Challenge

Does the Osmington white horse face a bright future? Jill Dunning finds out in this DorsetLife article.


Line was built with German PoW labour

Such was the enthusiasm for building railways at the turn of the twentieth century – ‘the Golden Age’ – that a branch was considered for Lulworth and Osmington on the Dorset coast.

Read the full story by Martin Lea in the Dorset Echo.

The ‘Corkscrew’ line

Imagine if the train from Weymouth to London took you through Preston, Osmington, Poxwell and Warmwell before joining the main line east of Moreton. It sounds peculiar but this was one ofthe routes considered in the 1840s.

Read about the Southampton and Dorchester Railway in this article from the Dorset Echo to find out why it was known as the ‘Corkscrew’ line.

The Burning Cliff

This account of the events which occurred between 1825 and 1827 at Holworth Cliff near Osmington, Dorset were first published in 1905 by Charles Harper in his book ‘The Dorset Coast’.

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