St. Mary’s Church, Wootton Glanville

The following extract is from Notes & queries for Somerset and Dorset published printed by J. C. Satwell, 1907.

We are able to provide a view of the church of Wootton Glanville on this occasion, from a recent photograph. It is taken from the North East, thus displaying the new chancel, re-built 1875-6, and the Decorated Chantry Chapel, erected in the 14th century. The latter is the chief feature of interest in the building, and is an excellent specimen of flint-work with Ham-stone dressings, and is lighted by three Decorated windows, the tracery of each being of different designs. It opens into the nave by a doorway, and also by a wide-spreading arch. A Hagioscope, of unusual si2e, will arrest the attention of the visitor. The Chantry was founded (or according to Hutchins, re-founded) by Sbylla Glanville, 18 Edw. III., 1344, and endowed by her with the Manor of Forston, in Charminster, and with a messuage and lands in Wootton Glanville.

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