Mary Godwyn of Lyme Regis

This extract of the Last Will and Testament of Mary Godwyn of Lyme Regis was first published in Genealogical gleanings in England By Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, on behalf of the New England Historic Genealogical Society in 1885.

Mary Godwyn of Lyme Regis in the County of Dorset, widow, the last of March, 1665, proved 6 June, 1665. To the poor of Lyme Regis five pounds upon condition that my body is permitted to be buried in the church of Lyme Regis aforesaid without a sermon or the Service Book in such order as is therein appointed. To my three cousins William, James, Ynatius, the sons of my brother William Hill, in New England, one hundred & fifty pounds, to be equally divided amongst them. To John Tyderleigh, & Susan & Mary Tytherleigh, children of Nathaniel Tytherleigh of Lyme Regis & to Grace, wife of the said Nathaniel & to Nathaniel their son, ten pounds each. To my sister Elizabeth Kerridge five pounds (& some land) to cousin William Hill of Lyme, son of my late brother Benjamin Hill & to Mary his now wife & Benjamin their son & their four daughters, at ages of one & twenty years. To cousin Joane Berry, wife of John Berry. To sister Martyn. To Mr Wyatt, clerk. To Mrs Thomazine West, wife of Mr Walter West. To Henry Fry of Weyford, my sister’s son & to his daughter Elizabeth. To my cousin John Shute, to my cousin Anno Whitfield, to Elizabeth Sprake, daughter of my cousin William Kerridge, to Mary Hoare, my now servant, to James Gollopp of Taunton, to Mr Bartholomew Westley, to Mrs Sara Kerridge, late wife of Mr John Kerridge of Wooten, to my sister Paveatt, to my cousin Mr John Kerridge who lives in Lyme churchyard, to Grace, daughter of Mr. Nathaniel Tyderleigh, to William & Samuel Courtney, sons of William Courtney, one of my executors, to Elizabeth daughter of my cousin John Whetombe (sic), to my cousin Elizabeth Hart, to the widow Isaacke, the widow Hockett, the widow Pike & John Palmer’s wife, to my cousin Judith, sister of my cousin Ann Whitfield, to my cousin Mary Fry of Woathill, to Mrs Elizabeth West, wife of Mr Gabriel West, to Mr Richard Farrant’s two children. To Mr John Farrant, Mr Robert Burridge & Mr William Courtney all my right, title & interest in the dwelling house & garden, with the appurtenances wherein I do now live in Combestreete, the issues & profits thereof to be to the use of such and to be given & disposed to such poor outed and ejected ministers from time to time as the}’ shall think fit & in their judgments have most need & best deserve the same. All the residue to the said three whom I make executors.

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  1. Scop said,

    May 15, 2009 at 10:20 am

    If we did not know enough about Mary then this informs us.

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