Somerset Voices: Les Langford (b.1927)

Les Langford’s parents were employed by a small firm of willow-growers, Grinter, Jeanes and Parsons of Langport. The firm also made baskets. When the owner of the firm retired his father decided to set up on his own. Even when he worked for others, his father always grew his own small acreage of willows. Les joined him after National Service and describes the various processes involved in willow work.

He worked with his father until 1960, when he felt that the prospects for willow growing were declining. He then went to Clarks shoe manufacturers of Street, and worked in their warehouse mainly checking invoices, until he was eventually made redundant in 1985. In this clip Leslie discusses his childhood memories of the willow industry during the 1930s.

Listen to Les and read the transcript


1 Comment

  1. anuradha said,

    October 12, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Interesting to know how baskets were with willows in those times. This family has really been through tough times. It seems like a story being told about a family that has faced many hardships to come to a level where they are known today. Salutes to his mother for being such a strong lady, I would have broken down if I had to face those troubles. But yes a story true to learn something.

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