Somerset Voices: Fred Dodkin

Born in Millwall, a twin, and the youngest of eleven children, Fred went to the Isle of Dogs School in London. In September 1939 Fred was evacuated to Wells with his twin sister and younger nephew. The forty children from the Isle of Dogs School shared Wells Blue School premises, so Fred was billeted in Wells. He and his sister returned to London in November 1939, but were bombed during the Blitz and so returned to Wells with their parents in 1940. Fred left school at fourteen and worked in W H Smith. After finishing his National Service Fred worked for Pauls the decorators for forty years.

Listen to Fred and read the transcript.


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  1. Barry Dodkin said,

    March 6, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    My dad was tom dodkin and fred was his youngest brother. My dad died in 1988 aged 77. All his family came from millwall in london, When I was in my teens ( i am now 66) our family visited wells in somerset and went to freds greengrocers shop which was famous there. We went to his house and met his family and they gave us a meal and took us to see cheddar gorge. Was it freds daughter hannah who married kris marshall the actor? If so she is a niece i have never met. I would love any dodkin family member still living in the west country to get in touch. They may like to know that my mum evelyn is still living in elm park hornchurch essex aged 94. I married dot (aged 56) in 1975 and we have christina and mark 33 and 29, both graduated, chrissie is dedicated to animal protection in her job as a researcher in london and mark is an english teacher and head of media studies at a secondary school.

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