Arthur William Thomson Perowne (1867-1948)

Arthur William Thomson Perowne was born on Jun 13, 1867 the fourth son of the Right Reverend John James Stewart Perowne who was at that time Vice-Principal of St David’s College, Lampeter, Wales and his wife Anna Maria Woolrych.

Arthur was educated at Haileybury College located at Hertford Heath, near Hertford, 20 miles from central London on a site occupied until 1858 by the East India Company College. The buildings reopened as Haileybury in 1862.  On October 4, 1886 he was admitted to King’s College, Cambridge, obtaining his B.A. in 1889 and M.A. in 1893. From 1890 to 1893 he was Assistant Master at Magdalen College Choir School, Oxford

Ordained a deacon in 1893 and priest in 1894, his first appointment was as Curate of Hartlebury, Worcestershire. and Chaplain to the Bishop of Worcester, (his father), from 1893 to 1901.  On June 4, 1895 Arthur married Helena Frances, daughter of H. Oldnall-Russell, of Sion House, Worcester.  A son, Francis Edward Perowne, was born on July 19, 1898

Following his fathers resignation as Bishop, Arthur remained in Worcester and was Vicar of Hallow from 1901 to 1904. Second son, Stewart Henry Perowne was born on Jun 17 1901.  His father, John James Stewart Perowne died on November 6, 1904

From 1904 to 1913 Arthur was Vicar of St George’s, Edgbaston, Birmingham which he combined with the role of Rural Dean of Edgbaston from 1905. He was also an Hon. Canon of Birmingham from 1912 to 1913. Third and final son Leslie Arthur Perowne was born on August 18, 1906.

1913 saw a move to the south west of England where he was Vicar of St. Andrew’s, Plymouth from 1913 to 1920 and Rural Dean of the Three Towns between 1914 and 1918. Preb. of Exeter, 1917. Archdeacon of Plymouth, 1918-20. Chaplain to the King, 1918-20.

In 1920 the Diocese of Bradford was formed from part of the Diocese of Ripon and Arthur William Thomson Perowne was appointed the first Bishop, holding the post until 1931.  Also in 1920 he became he was awarded the title of Doctor of Divinity by King’s College, Cambridge.  In 1826 he married Mabel, second daughter of Thomas Henry Bailey, of Wyldcroft, Wokingham.

From Bradford Arthur took on his father’s old position of Bishop of Worcester where he served until his retirement in 1941. Retirement was spent at Glen Kin, Brockhill Road, West Malvern.

Arthur William Thomson Perowne died on April 9, 1948 at Gloucester



  1. September 21, 2007 at 10:44 am

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  2. December 15, 2007 at 7:54 am

    For more on the family history of Arthur Perowne visit

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