A. Pearce & Co. (1918-1990)

Bedford OBAlbert Pearce set up in business as the local carrier a few weeks after the end of the first world war in the Dorset Village of Cattistock after buying a coal round and carrier service from fellow villager Percy Shorto. Albert and his wife Susan, their family and their descendants, were to serve the transport needs of the local area for over seventy years. 

The Tompkins family name has many close connections with the Pearce business over the years.  Three generations of the family have worked for the firm.  My Grandfather, Henry “Lew” Tompkins started with Pearce in 1930 at the age of 20 as a coal delivery driver, wages thirty shillings a week.  After the war he returned to Pearces, now at a wage of eighty six shillings a week, firstly as a coal driver again, then as a bus and coach driver until his retirement in the 1970’s.  My Father, David, who was born in 1931, followed in his father’s footsteps and worked for Pearces firstly as driver, then foreman fitter and eventually became a director of the company until the close down of the garage at Cattistock in 1990.  Lastly my brother, Paul drove part-time for the company on peak summer Saturdays in the 1970’s, usually on the Maiden Newton to Bridport route.

You can read more about the busses of Cattistock at http://www.countrybus.co.uk/pearce.htm

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