Ella’s Story : The Second World War

Two months later in September 1939 the Second World War was declared. Food rationing came into force and I obtained a licence to sell most foods in the shop. A large number of the village folk were registered with me and the paper work had to be returned monthly to the Bath Food Office. Throughout the war years beer was rationed too and sometimes we sold out before the next allotment was due. When this happened we did not always close.

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Frederick F. Hulmes (1841-1901)

Frederick F. Hulmes was born November 2, 1841 the son of Christopher Hulmes, a iron bloomer and Hannah Henderson of Jefferson, Morris County, New Jersey. Frederick followed his father into the iron industry, but as a miner.  On December 26, 1860 Frederick married Emily Shoars, daughter of Robert Shoars and Nancy Rochelle. Home was Jefferson and it was here that son Charles Hulmes was born in 1861.

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Ella’s Story : The Home Coming

Cecil had no permanent job and the ‘crash’ came in 1929. Life was uncertain so when we received a cable from Pa, asking us if we would like to come home and run the Apple Tree Inn at Shoscombe, we jumped at the chance. Within a week we were on our way.

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Argue & Phibbs, Solicitors

This long-forgotten Sligo, Ireland based firm of solicitors was a partnership between Mr W. H. Argue and Mr Talbot Phibbs. A 1920’s newspaper reported that they were actively considering taking on a third member of staff, a solicitor from England by the name of Cheetam.

For more details visit http://www.sligotown.net/courthouse.shtml

Frances Elizabeth Slingo (1846-1922)

My Great-great-grandmother Frances Elizabeth Slingo was born on August 10, 1846 at Wellow, Somerset, England the fourth of six children of stone mason John Slingo and his wife Mary White. What little evidence we have suggests that she spent her childhood in Wellow. In 1861 Frances’s mother died and deprived of her mothers influence she bore an illegitimate daughter, Anne Janet Slingo in 1868.

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Remained a Bird

While extracting obituaries from the following newspaper I came across this humorous item.

Joyce Hambleton Whitten

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Ella’s Story : Life in California

Uncle Bill had said ” You can put your feet under the table in Hawthorn” but he was not there and his wife Rachel was less than hospitable giving us a can of beans and figs from her garden! Little did we know how Aunt Rachel would accept us.

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Richard Henry Richards (1849-1928)

Richard Henry RicardsRichard Henry Richards was born on July 2, 1849 at Fall River, Massachusetts, United States the eldest child of english parents James Richards, an iron puddler and Eliza Ann Mansell. A sister Mary Elizabeth was born in 1851 and in the early 1850’s the Richards moved to Boonton, New Jersey where his mothers family lived. Four more siblings were born in Boonton, Eliza Ann (1854), John Winfield (1856), Francis Mansell (1861) and James William (1864).

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Ella’s Story : Across America

In 1928 Cecil caught whooping cough. The doctor advised we move to a warmer climate and this was the reason we planned the 2,766 mile journey from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, California. When we set off in August I was two months pregnant with Richard and Jim was not yet six years old.

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Beckington Village Life

I found this  4 minute video of of the village of Beckington near Frome in Somerset posted on youtube by Miles Woolgar. Several family members lived here in the 19th century, Including Alfred Whitaker.

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